Thursday, October 15, 2009

Who I am

Who am I
I am a quiet, sincere, and honest girl. I like to make others to feel happy and comfortable with me. I eagerly want to become a psychologist and counselor. I always like to spend my time with my friends. I am proud about myself. I have a
lots of 'self-confidence, self-respect and self-esteem.' I want to become a good orator. I give the first place to my parents. I do not have any words to describe what they mean to me. They play the roles of a guide, philosopher and friend in my life. I have learnt positive attitude from my parents along with my teachers. They have taught me the meaning of life in a very beautiful manner.
"Life is examination
Situations are questions
Experiences are references
Confidence is preparation
Go ahead with anticipation and enthusiam."
(This is my own thought about life)
In this matter, I am really thankful to God. I have a democratic style of parents. A long time back, I and my brother decided, we should not hurt them even once. Till today, we are sincerely following our agreement. My parents are also very proud about us because we have studied well and we have got a good job. Now we are taking care of them.
In my life frienship is wealth and everything. My friends support me a lot. They help me physically, mentally and economically. My friends have different characteristics, but the same thoughts about most of the matters. Friendship is forever.
My iACT teachers made me to think in a creative way. They have taught me to see life in a different way. Totally, they have changed my personality.

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