Thursday, November 19, 2009


What is an article?
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Main subject : Possible effects on country like India.
There is growing substansive evidence that the earth is heating up. The scientiest have projected that world temparetures over the last 600 years it's increasing. It will be impacting on global climate. Scientiest can not assume the which part of the world will be getting more affects from this climate change. They unable to find, how global warming could have a significant impact on the country's water resources. The heating up os India will not be uniform across the country.

An article says Western World is the main cuse for global warming. It will badly impact on Northern countries agriculture because of global warming, it has to face larger water problem and larger production of carbon dioxide in the enviornment. These two things won't cope with agriculture development. The winter period of northern countries will shorter and less intense. The northmost forests of siberia and Canada are already said to be extending further towards the North Pole. But the US made a statement that the US should not worry too much about global warming it will suffer only a very small impact. It will effect more on developing countries.

Strong Arguments
Some parts of India will face worst condition from global warming such as Goa, Westbengal and Gujarat, because the heating up os the Earth will melt the polar ice caps and thus raise the level of world's seas.
Between 1977 and 1990, the Gangotri glacier retreated by as much as 364 metres or about one-third of a kilometre and now also it's going on. That's why during summer period Indian rivers will face water problem.
Global warming has serious economic and political impact on the Indian subcontinent because heating up of the Earth will even more intense cyclones, rainstorms and it will increase drought period.
India is a developing country in the world. India has less financial resources, if India provide a lots of money to health concerns definitely Indian economy progress will go down, beacuse global warming will carry disease like malaria, dengue and cholera. It will badly impact on Indian human resource.

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