Thursday, November 26, 2009

When MBA's aspire to be Clerks..

Main Subject:

· How the lack of systematic education system play a negative role in everyone’s life.
· Why MBA and Engineering students feel that getting a clerical post at SBI is luck for them.
· Which are the skills they require as to a employee in a company.


Some companies ready to be an initiative to conduct seminars, workshops, mentoring classes and professional development sessions for the students. For example, Infosys started in Mysore, Bangalore, Pune and other cities. In the same way ICICI Bank is working on upgrade curriculum in some particular areas. The one more company is called Toyota has prepared to give Toyota Technology and Service systems to the students through the course. Toyota will train instructors of the institutes in the latest technology used by the company. The happiest news is that trained students can go and join any company there is no restriction. Really, I feel that Indian youths need this kind of companies to provoke them towards the employable.

What is the strongest argument in support conclusion?

Initially, a knowledgeable and skill person have never face any employable problem in their life. We can see basketful or vacancies in all the companies. If any companies are visiting engineering and MBA colleges in interior parts of the country to add to their basket of employable graduates but are returning empty hand.

Our Government is giving permission for everyone to open a college. Who does not know anything about education policy, they are controlling education system, such as contractors, builders, coal dealers, brick kiln owners and sweetmeat sellers. Even teachers do not have sufficient resource or knowledge about their teaching field. How can they will teach to the students.

Our education system seems to be more quantitative rather than qualitative, that means theory is more important than practical. We have become an instructors instead of facilitator. That’s why our children are facing so many while getting job.
As I read in the article that Sandip Mukharjee was doing a better than security job. But when his boss told him to prepare a project report on the security system in the company’s godowns, he told that “ I didn’t pursue engineering to prepare a project report on the security system in the company’s. Here we can see Sandip’s attitude that he doesn't want to be a responsible person and willingness to learn how to find a solution for this problem. That means no matter what is our qualification, no matter how much experience we have, we should always be willing to learn a new skill or technique.

Every students facing so many problem after completing their any degree such as
· Communication skill is key for every employee. They do not know how to talk with customers, how to give presentation in an effective manner.
· They are lack in leadership qualities but in companies we have to work with team members. If he/she knows how to do brainstorming and manipulate things than they can success in their team work.
· They do not have any idea about how to use technology.
· In schools there is no opportunity for exposing their ideas that’s why all creativity destroyed in schools itself. How can they become creative in their jobs.

According to me, the Government has to provide conducive atmosphere for students. Teacher has to up-to-date their knowledge. All the employees have to be passion about what they are doing; they have to demonstrate enthusiasm through their words and actions.

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