Monday, December 28, 2009

The curious incident of the dog in the night-time

Recently, I read a novel is called “The curious incident of the dog in the night-time” written by Mark Haddon. In this novel he deals with an autistic child is called Christopher. Christopher was an above average IQ child. The dog incident is core part of the novel.

Christopher loved the dogs. One day his neighbours is called Mrs. Shear’s dog was died and laid in the garden. He was so curious to know that “who killed the dog is called “Wellington”? He enquired Mrs. Shear very suspiciously. She got an angry and called the police. While police was enquiring him, he slapped the police because the police touched him but Christopher does not like if anybody touch him and laugh at him. Then, the police took him to station. This incident made his father’s unhappy and upset. After that police gave a caution and released him from the station. Then his father told him so many times do not to go other people business but he did not stop. Somewhere he got support from his teacher is called Siobhan to do detective job towards the dog incident.

I feel that, while he was doing detective job, he talked with all his neighbours voluntarily because he refused to talk with strangers even though they were his neighbours. As an autistic child he felt that “they were hard to understand”. If he wanted to talk with any stranger just he watched them until he feels, they are safe. Then he used to ask questions to then “do they like pets” “which colour does they like” “what kind of card they drive”, etc. This happened with one of his new staff members at school.

He liked his teacher because she told him not to do something she told him exact reason why he was not allowed to do. He liked it. His teacher approached him in a right way that supported to do detective job about the dog. It made him to build social skills and improved his communication skills. It reduced his tension and frustration towards the strangers.

He liked mathematics. He had a dream that I have to get ‘A’ grade in mathematics and he got it. He loved to solve mathematics problems even though sometimes he was in difficult situations. That gave relaxation to his mind means he was busy in solving problem not concentrating on what was going in outer world? He made a beautiful comparison between life problems and mathematics problems. He said I liked mathematics because it meant solving problems, and these problems were difficult and interesting but there was always a straightforward answer at the end. And what he meant was that mathematics wasn’t like life because in life there are no straightforward answers but there will be an answer.

He was good at playing chess. If he wanted remember any person he used to see what they are wearing, or if they have a walking stick, or funny hair, or a certain type of glasses, or they have particular way of moving their arms. His memory power was good. He was thinking in different ways example when his father had taken back his book which was in written about dog incident investigation. He thought had my father thrown my book into the garbage or else he kept in his cars or else he kept in his room because he could not kept my book into my room because my father knows that is not a safety place.

He made a statement we have learn how to treat animals with kindness and respect. He had a pet is called Toby (rat). He used to make time tables because they make sure he doesn’t get lost in time. He was very good at in remembering directions.

Before started to do detective job he refused to mingle with others example one day his school bus broken on the way. That’s his mother came to pick him up. Mrs. Peters asked his mother if she could take Jack and Polly home because their mothers couldn’t come and pick them up, and his mother said yes. But he started screaming in the car because there were too many people in it and Jack and Polly weren’t in his class. Suddenly he jumped from the car. But when he went to London along the way he was with people on the train and bus. That means he developed his adaptive skills.

In the end of the novel I liked his teacher’s way of respond when he was writing mathematics examination “If you say you don’t want to do it no one is going to be angry with you. And it won’t be wrong or illegal or stupid. It will just be what you want and that will be fine.” She had a big concern about him that means she made him to go into the toilets before the examination and sat on his own and had done breathing and counting exercises.

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