Thursday, December 10, 2009

How do you "know?"

In this article Elli Drago-Serverson writes four important ways of learning such as rule-based, other focused, reflective, interconnecting.
Learning is acquiring new knowledge, behaviours, skills and values understanding the different kinds of information. Human beings learning may occur as part of education development. We can learn new things through our sensory organs. Every child has their own way of learning.

Rule-based: Rule based way of learning children give concentration on their needs, desires and interests. They are very firm about right and wrong decisions; they won’t bother about others. If they said to do something by others, they try to find “what is in it for me?” They ready to modify their answers according to a new right solution. T hey will go step by step to achieve their goals. They open to concrete advice and specific skills.

Other-focused: They rely on others opinions and approvals. They have low self-esteem, low self-confidence. They seek others to set goals for them. They build self-image according to others judgment. They easily disturb by others criticisms. If I do this work what others will think about me? Try to be always good for others. They produce their own values and standards but they will change immediately if anyone comments on it. They will accept conflicting view points without thinking about future consequences.

Reflective: They believe themself. They respect values which are generated by them. We have to set goals according to our own values and standards. Build a positive self-image depends upon our special skill, knowledge and integrity. Straight forward feelings and conflict are always helping us to learn new things. Ask questions ourselves “are we honest and truthful for ourselves or not”?. Try to across the problems not along with problems and try to hit solutions even though those are fantastic. Be open for facilitate and guidance. Try to analyze, critique one’s goals and ideas. Discordant with every new idea it will take us for one more new idea.

Interconnecting: Change our identity according to other’s views. Set goals with team members, share knowledge and power with others. Open to exploration, conflict, complexity and other’s perspectives. Try to seek help from others. Accept the fact and avoid no hierarchal approaches. Good at team work and appreciate others efforts. Encourage others to do work if they are slow. Be sensitive towards others and know others ability and strength.


  1. Good post!! Are you Rule Based or Other Focused??

  2. sir I not yet finish my article. I am a reflective.