Friday, December 4, 2009

Really educated people

Really educated people have to ask themselves that “who they are? What are their limitations and where are their possibilities? As a teacher, before I am entering a class I have to ask my self “who they are?” how much they can understand and what are the ways I have to use if I want make them to understand.

Really educated people should think independently, observe, analyze, and discover truth without relying on the opinions of other or prejudice. As a special education teacher, we should not rely on other opinions while taking decision about any child. We have to communicate with the child. We have to observe and analyze their way of learning and their behaviour.

Really educated people have to adjust and enjoy with a variety of new places and experiences. They have to think whole world is thier own home. When I was in the college, I thought my native is my world, but when I came to Bangalore for iACT course its totally different world for me. I started to get new experiences and I started to communicate with new people, who are different from me.

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